"Phenomenal" is the only word to describe CCI Creations. Stephanie, I cannot thank you enough for the professional, diligent and courteous service you provided in planning my wedding. As you know, I was reluctant to hire a wedding coordinator for a small wedding of 50 guests and a 5-member bridal party. But as I attempted to work full-time and plan a wedding in three months, I became overwhelmed. Fortunately, I followed the wise advice of my parents: "Hire a wedding coordinator." You made an excellent first impression with my mom when she met you at a green wedding event. My mom was especially pleased with the sense of calm you instilled in me: the workaholic, fast-talking, bride-to-be.

As the guest list grew from 50 to 70, and the clock ticked toward the wedding date of May 1, 2011, I became less and less worried because I knew that you had everything under control. You understood that I could only focus on the the big decisions and you worked closely with my mother to plan exactly the wedding I envisioned down to the smallest of details. (I'm sure you will not forget the look of wonder and amazement on my face when I first saw the beautiful way in which you and your team decorated the reception hall!)

Just before my garden-party themed outdoor wedding was scheduled to begin, it began to rain on my seated guests. You calmly advised me that you had prepared a completely separate indoor wedding venue and that perhaps I should take a look at that site before I made the decision to move the wedding inside. After viewing the site, we decided that it was far more important to be married outside among the lush trees and grass and that a little bit of rain would not dampen my wedding plans. Fortunately, the guests, minister and guitarist were not deterred by the light rain shower and we proceeded to have a beautiful wedding.

Finally, you and your team stayed until the very end of the reception to ensure that the the historic Adelphi Mill was returned to pristine condition.

Our theme song was "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers. With the assistance of CCI Creations, you ensured that my wedding was indeed LOVELY!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Mrs. Darlington-Jones